Is AWS DevOps Certification Worth It | Explained

The rapid pace of digital transformation is creating huge demands for DevOps skills across industries. This has put the spotlight on credentials like the AWS DevOps Engineer certification. 

This article will provide a deep dive into the values of the AWS DevOps Certificate, career and salary benefits, skill-building perks, and overall ROI of the AWS DevOps certification route. 

Is AWS DevOps Certification Worth It

Career Advancement Potential

The AWS DevOps certification carries major signaling power for recruiters and hiring managers. It instantly communicates your expertise with critical automation and deployment concepts like infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD pipelines, security controls, and more.

Research shows certified professionals enjoy an 89% boost in job interview callback rates. The credential also widens access to lucrative DevOps job openings across sectors.

Salary Jump Potential

Multiple surveys reveal certified AWS professionals garner an average pay hike of 26% compared to their non-certified peers. Given DevOps roles already rank among the highest-paying technical profiles, the certification compounds earning potential even further.

Real-World Skill Building

Preparing for the certification exam involves deeply engaging with core AWS services and DevOps concepts. You get hands-on practice with automated provisioning, deployment strategies, monitoring systems, security controls, and resolving failures.

Edge Over Job Market Competition

The soaring adoption of cloud and DevOps is creating a major talent crunch. Reports forecast a global shortage of 2 million DevOps professionals by 2030. In this scenario, credentials like the AWS DevOps certification help talent stand out. It signals deeper technical and methodological insight versus non-certified peers.

Flexibility Around Exam Logistics

You can schedule the certification exam through over 3000 Pearson VUE test centers globally or even online proctored settings. This means you can take it anytime, anywhere – adding to the flexibility and ease of bagging this credential.

Employer Investment Opportunities

Many tech employers offer full or partial sponsorship for attaining AWS certifications owing to their tangible value. So you may want to check if your company will fund exam fees and preparatory resources – making the entire upskilling process free.

Prestige of an AWS Badge

Amazon Web Services is far and away the dominant public cloud provider controlling over 30% market share. This renders the AWS stamp of approval highly prestigious and influential for tech professionals – especially in large corporations betting big on AWS.

Community Membership Rights

Once certified, you gain access to exclusive AWS certification-holder communities. These groups allow connecting with fellow professionals to exchange insights and access member-only events and training discounts.

Multi-Cloud Strategy Edge

While the certification focuses on AWS, it also boosts effectiveness in multi-cloud or hybrid technology environments. This is because you learn broadly applicable DevOps, automation, and infrastructure best practices.

Career Resilience and Future-Proofing

Technology shifts may displace specific programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. However foundational DevOps practices have become integral for tech teams and will continue gaining precedence. So investing in AWS DevOps skills insulation against disruption – augmenting career resilience and future-proofing.

Renewal Requirements

The DevOps certification stays valid for 2 years after which you need to re-certify through a short 20-question, multiple-choice exam. This ensures your skills stay updated amid AWS’ fast expansion into new capabilities.

Preparation Timeline of AWS DevOps Exam

Depending on your experience, setting aside 2-4 months for preparation is generally recommended for clearing the exam. Those with over 2 years of hands-on DevOps work can gear up within 8-12 weeks.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Does the certification expire after some time?

Answer: Yes, it remains valid for 2 years after which you need to renew the credential through a short 20-question exam.

  1. Can those without a tech degree qualify for the certification?

Answer: Yes, the certification focuses on evaluating practical DevOps skills – no specific education prerequisites exist. Relevant experience is what matters most.

  1. Will the certification help transition into DevOps roles?

Answer: Yes, it signals core competencies employers seek when hiring for DevOps roles. It can catalyze role shifts from sysadmin, developers, and other profiles.

To Conclude

The rapid pace of digital change is fueling soaring demand for advanced DevOps skills across sectors. In this context, targeted upskilling through credentials like the AWS DevOps Certification can provide that coveted edge in building a rewarding technology career built to last.

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