Who is Sean Hull?

Hello, I’m Sean.  I’m a data, devops & innovation expert.

Looking for an Cloud Solutions Architect with some scrapes & bruises?  I’ve worked with startups for almost two decades in the Publishing, AdTech, Edtech, eSports & Fashion industries.

A bit about me…

While studying Computer Science, I was building servers in my dorm room.  Fitting together buses & network cards, motherboards & memory, I loaded up Linux when it was for hackers only.  Writing C, C++ & shell scripts were your essential toolbox to getting things to work!

My first industry job in New York was for a small startup.  Being a technology team of one, meant exposure to diverse challenges & projects.  Office & network support one day, robust application building the next.  Code quality, automation & testing became crucial to juggling so much, with few resources.  Those early roles gave me a taste of databases, and I became more and more involved with data stores of all kinds.

From there I shifted to consulting gigs as a lot of opportunities were popping up. New York’s startup ecosystem was growing at a rapid clip and I was able to parlay my communication & people skills to help businesses with performance problems.

What I’m doing now

I’m working for startups & enterprises, many in New York City and some on the west coast as well.   A few include VICE Media, SoulCycle, Grovo Learning, AppNexus, Rent The Runway, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter & Zagats.

Many see me as a guy that gets things done.   Translated into more specific terms, I identify and troubleshoot the problems that hinder website performance, and facilitate the business to scale quickly. I help raise the bar in operations by instituting best practices and facilitating inter-departmental communication so that everyone’s working toward the same goal.

If that’s still too abstract, I suppose I could be described as a plumber, the guy that unclogs the internet pipes and flushes out the obstructions so the web can scale. I’m also the 9-1-1 tech guy. The emergency response dude you’d call on that, hopefully rare, occasion when something goes horribly wrong with your cloud datacenter.

Ultimately, I think the most valuable thing I bring to any client is my ability to distill all the technical intricacies into a language everyone can understand and offer the optimal solution to help the business grow.

Where I’m writing…

Infoworld – MySQL face-off: MySQL or MariaDB

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ACM Queue – 20 obstacles to scalability

Devops Zone – 10 Tips for deciding between RDS & MySQL

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Database Journal – MySQL hotbackups with xtrabackup

How to find me?

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What I’m big on…

It’s my job to know how different technologies interact with each other. So any topic in the following areas tend to capture my attention:

I also enjoy the perfect cup of joe, extreme fitness rock climbing and growing my small business. Social Media, blogging and website analytics are like frosting on the cake! Here’s How I got my pagerank up to 5.

Want more?

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How can I help?

I’m here anytime, even if you just want to chat. Give me a call +1-213-537-4465 or email me at sean at iheavy.com. Feel free to visit our pricing page and request a quote. You may also find a sample executive summary useful.