How Do I Convert Month Number to Month Name

In database management, it’s often crucial to present data in a human-readable format. One common requirement is to convert month numbers into month names for better comprehension and analysis. 

Whether you’re dealing with financial reports, scheduling tasks, or analyzing trends over time, having the ability to translate month numbers to names can significantly enhance the readability and usability of your data. Fortunately, SQL provides a couple of methods to accomplish this.

How Do I Convert Month Number to Month Name

How to Change Month Number to Month Name in SQL

To convert month numbers to month names in SQL, we have two primary methods: using the MONTHNAME() function or the DATE_FORMAT() function. Let’s see how each of these methods works.

Method 1: Using the MONTHNAME() Function

The MONTHNAME() function is a straightforward way to convert month numbers to their corresponding names. It takes either a date column or a date string as input and returns the month name.

SELECT sales_product, MONTHNAME(sales_date) FROM sales_detail;

In this query, the MONTHNAME() function is applied to the sales_date column, giving us the month names associated with the respective dates.

Method 2: Using the DATE_FORMAT() Function

Alternatively, we can use the DATE_FORMAT() function for more flexibility in formatting dates. By specifying the %M format specifier, we can extract the month name from a given date.

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(sales_date, ‘%M’) AS Monthname FROM sales_detail;

Here, the DATE_FORMAT() function is used to extract the month name from the sales_date column using the %M specifier. The result is presented under the alias Monthname.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get name of month in SQL?

To get the name of a month in SQL, particularly in MySQL, you can utilize the MONTHNAME() function. This function returns the name of the month for a given date.

How do you convert to month in SQL Server?

The simplest method to extract the month component from a date in SQL involves employing the MONTH() function. This function operates by taking a date as its input and yields the month segment of that particular date.


Converting month numbers to month names in SQL is a common requirement, and thankfully, it’s easily achievable using the MONTHNAME() or DATE_FORMAT() functions. Whether you prefer the simplicity of MONTHNAME() or the flexibility of DATE_FORMAT(), both methods empower you to present your data in a clear and understandable format.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you for reading!

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