Migrating MySQL to Oracle Guide

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Migrating from MySQL to Oracle can be as complex as picking up your life and moving from the country to the city.  Things in the MySQL world are often just done differently than they are in the Oracle world.  Our guide will give you a birds eye view of the differences to help you determine what is the right path for you.

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MySQL comes from a more open-source or DIY background.  One of Unix and Linux administrators and even developers carrying the responsibility of a DBA.

  1. Installation & Administration Considerations
  2. Query and Optimizer Differences
  3. Security Strengths and Weaknesses
  4. Replication & High Availability
  5. Table Types & Storage Engines
  6. Applications, Connection Pooling, Stored Procedures and More
  7. Backups & Disaster Recovery
  8. Community – MySQL & Oracle Differences
  9. TCO, Licensing, and Cloud Considerations
  10. Advanced Oracle Features – Missing in MySQL

Check back soon as we update each of these sections.