Why Is There A Company Whose Only Purpose Is To Help Me With My AWS Bill?

I know everyone is talking about the pandemic at the moment, so I thought I would sidestep the topic, and continue to discuss what I know best. Which is the public cloud!

Of late, I see more and more discussions on CTO forums, and in the news on surprise AWS bills. Did you hear what happened to NASA’s cloud deployment fail?

So, I thought I’d provide some history and a few ideas…

Help Me With My AWS Bill

Oracle Days

Believe it or not, this has happened before. In the days when I did a lot of Oracle work, I remember it was terrible how tough their licensing was. And companies were pretty much hamstrung because they needed the technology to run their business.

Given the demand, new firms like Miro Consulting stepped in to help. Their business is specifically built to help customers with out-of-control Oracle bills.

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Repeating Refrain

What’s this got to do with Amazon Web Services you say?

Just today I discovered a firm that promises to help you lower your AWS bill by 20-40%.

Promises aside, if there is a business doing this, there must be money to be made in it. So that speaks to a sizeable market opportunity.

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AWS Has a Webinar On The Topic

Hey if you’re thinking you can manage it yourself, why not look to AWS for assistance on lowering your bill.

Something tells me there’s a conflict of interest there, but I digress.

The point is with this topic becoming of growing interest, I think you’ll see more businesses stepping into this niche.


Everything about why there is a company that helps lower AWS bills by 20-40% are explained above and we hope now you have no confusion about it after reading this article. AWS also offers assistance on lowering bills, but you might notice a conflict of interest. For any types of further queries regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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