Is On-Demand Consulting the Answer To Your Hiring Woes?

A consultant costs more per hour than a developer you can hire right? That depends!

A big firm may cost a few thousand per day. But a smaller firm or one-man shop can bring you savings in line with a team hire.

On-Demand Consulting

1. You’re Still Looking

Have you been looking for 3 months? 6 months? You might find someone. But maybe never? I

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2. On-Boarding Takes Forever

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3. Fulltime Hires Quit

I’ve worked at a few firms where the fulltime hires quit within a few months. Why? One was a very mismanaged team. They were juggling a lot of technical debt & lacked leadership direction. Devs were frustrated and morale was suffering.

At another firm the CTO left. A new one replaced him who started throwing his weight around. Many of the old team members got fed up & left.

In all these cases a consultant will still be there, working day-by-day, getting things done. I wrote about this How do we measure devotion.

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4. Halftime Need

Smaller demand? Perhaps your capacity isn’t a full 40-hour week. Then an on-demand hire is really ideal.

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5. Hit The Ground Running

Of course, the biggest advantage is quicker on-boarding. You can expect productive work right away. That’s because a solo consultant has a lot of experience jumping right into the fray, and making an impact right away.


If you’re struggling to find the right hire, on-demand consulting might be a good solution. It can be cost-effective, especially with smaller firms or individual consultants. Consultants can also provide quick on-boarding, and are a reliable choice when full-time hires may quit or when only part-time work is needed. For further queries regarding this topic, our comment box is always open for you. Thanks for reading!

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