How Long Does It Take to Get AWS Certification Results?

AWS certification is a rewarding endeavor. The certification process, from exam selection to completion, plays a pivotal role in assessing one’s proficiency within the AWS ecosystem.

On average, candidates can expect results within a few days, but the actual processing time is contingent on factors like exam complexity, processing volume, and occasional technical issues. 

The upcoming sections would take you to offering insights, tips, and debunking common misconceptions surrounding AWS certification result processing timing.

How Long Does It Take to Get AWS Certification Results

AWS Certification Process: the Evaluation Period

Before we jump into the waiting game, let’s quickly review the AWS certification process. From selecting your desired certification to taking the exam, each step plays a crucial role in validating your skills and knowledge within the AWS ecosystem.

AWS certifications

Figure: AWS certifications.

Once you’ve conquered the exam, the evaluation period begins. This period is the time it takes for AWS to meticulously review and analyze your performance, ensuring accuracy in the results.

Typical Waiting Time

Usually, candidates receive their AWS certification results within a few days, but this duration can vary.

candidates receive their AWS certification results

Figure: AWS certification.

Factors Affecting Results Processing

Several factors influence the processing time. The complexity of the exam, the volume of exams being processed, and technical issues can contribute to the variability in waiting times.

AWS Certification Result Notification

Result notifications come in different forms – email notifications and updates within your AWS Certification Account. Understanding how to access and interpret these notifications is crucial for peace of mind.

Common Misconceptions

Addressing misconceptions is vital. Some believe that quicker results indicate a higher chance of success, but in reality, the processing time is influenced by various factors beyond your control.

Tips for Minimizing Wait Time

What can you do to minimize the anxious wait? From avoiding unnecessary stress to proactively reaching out to AWS support, there are actions you can take to ease the process.


  1. Can I expedite the results processing by contacting AWS support?

While contacting AWS support won’t expedite the process, they can provide information on the status of your results and offer assistance if there are any issues.

  1. Do different certifications have different result processing times?

Yes, the processing time may vary depending on the certification and its complexity. More advanced certifications may take slightly longer to evaluate.

  1. How often are result processing times updated by AWS?

AWS doesn’t provide real-time updates on processing times. The information available during your exam period will give you the most accurate estimate.


The duration of getting AWS certification results is a dynamic aspect of the certification journey. Embrace the waiting game with patience, and remember that the outcome is worth the anticipation. Keep honing your skills, and soon, the coveted certification will be in your hands.

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