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Backups – What are they and why are they important?

Backups are obviously a crucial component in any enterprise application.  Modern internet components are prone to failure, and backups keep your bases covered.  Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Is your database backed up, including object structures, data, stored procedures, grants, and logins?
  2. Is your webserver doc-root backed up?
  3. Is your application source code in version control and backed up?
  4. Are your server configurations backed up?  Relevant config files might include those for apache, mysql, memcache, php, email (postfix or qmail), tomcat, Java solr or any other software your application requires.
  5. Are your cron or supporting scripts and jobs backed up?
  6. Have you tested all of these components and your overall documentation with a fire drill?  This is the proof that you’ve really covered all the angles.

If you do your backups right, you should be able to restore without a problem.

Sean Hull asks on Quora – What are backups and why are they important?

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Backup and Recovery in EC2 – 5 Point Checklist

backup and recovery checklistBest practices for backups and disaster recovery aren’t tremendously different in the cloud than from a managed hosting environment.  But they are more crucial since cloud servers are less reliable than physical servers.  Also the security aspect may play a heightened role in the cloud.  Here are some points to keep in mind.

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Intro to EC2 Cloud Deployments.

1. Perform multiple types of backups
2. Keep non-proprietary backups offsite
3. Test your backups – perform firedrills
4. Encrypt backups in S3
5. Perform Replication Integrity Checks

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Database Heavy Lifting – Consulting and Professional Services


Heavyweight Internet Group provides Professional Services and Consulting around database technologies. Our value add is aggressive pricing and personal service. Call us at +1-213-537-4465 .

Services include:

  • MySQL  database setup and administration
  • MySQL  tuning and optimization of problem areas
  • Correcting degraded MySQL  application performance
  • 24×7 remote support services
  • Stress testing web applications & speedup

20 years of professional experience, excellent client facing skills, attention to detail, and a focus on your business needs.

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MySQL Consulting in New York

Heavyweight Internet Group provides Open Source Database Professional Services and Consulting to fortune 500 companies. With our low overhead, and focused specialty we can offer very competitive prices. Our value add is simple: aggressive pricing, and personalized service. Contact us for details at +1-213-537-4465 . Our services include:

  • New MySQL database setup and administration
  • MySQL & Postgres tuning of problem areas
  • Correcting degraded MySQL application performance
  • Remote DBA – 24×7 Support Services
  • High profile deployments & Migrations to EC2
  • Running MySQL in the cloud, on Amazon Web Services, EC2 & EBS
  • Migrating Web Applications to Amazon RDS
  • Tuning and optimizing challenges for open-source databases and Amazon RDS

We have 20 years of experience working on Open Source databases in all types of industries including banking, finance, education, entertainment, media and government. Our consultants are experts in the field, with published material including books, online and print magazine articles, and lectures. Please also feel free to browse our business newsletter archives. Our monthly newsletter discusses business best practices in Oracle consulting, and Open Source integration. We are conveniently located in Rockefeller Center, and are available for onsite meetings at your New York City offices.