Sole Source Provider


Sean Hull is a Sole Source Provider of open source & internet technology expertise.  He operates primarily out of an office in Manhattan, but also services clients outside of New York as well.

Book Author – Oracle and Open Source – April 2001

Sean Hull is the author of the O’Reilly and Associates title, “Oracle and Open Source” which chronicles the intersection of Oracle database technologies with open source technologies such as Apache, Perl, PHP, Python, and so on.   Released as far back as April 2001, we were still writing as Oracle was releasing the first versions of it’s database software on Linux.  The rest as they say is history.  They quickly moved to Apache in the middle tier, and gobbled up many of the related companies such as Innobase and more recently Sun and thus MySQL.

Oracle’s own site now has two unique areas to look for open source technologies.    Free and Open Source software is the first one.  They also have an area devoted to their initiatives and support of both open source and open standards.

Unique Intellectual Property

Having worked closely with Linux technology since 1991, contributed to a number of open source projects along the way, and remaining closely aligned with the folks who deliver such technology, he maintains a hefty amount of intellectual property, in the form of code, scripts, and documentation.

Unique Experiences

I’ve worked in the internet industry since 1996.  That’s practically the dark ages in internet time.  Linux was still young though growing in popularity, most people didn’t have email, and access to the internet itself was still somewhat limited.  Fast forward to those painful days of September 11, 2001 in New York City.  The dust of the dot com crash had only started to settle when the city was upset by catastrophe, and business grinded to a halt.

Despite those setbacks, and the financial boom and bust cycles that really hit the industries in New York City very hard, we have continued to thrive, providing even better technology experience and expertise by each passing day.

With many years of client-facing experience, we have learned a lot about the problems our clients face, the struggles, the challenges and the hurdles.  Each of those provides even more instruction to bring to the table with future clients.

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Educational Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo.