Pricing & Fees

Evaluating solutions architects? Thanks for considering us.

What does a typical engagement look like?

As a first step I like to get on the phone & discuss the project at a high level.

  • What is the scope?
  • What technologies are involved?
  • What is the timeframe to get started?

Here’s how I do a performance review. I also do architecture reviews. These involve sifting through your entire stack, working with team & reviewing existing technical debt & challenges. From there i produce an executive summary. Here’s a sample executive summary which you may find useful.

After understanding your requirements, I put together a quote with a different options based on need. I can work on hourly, weekly, monthly or a fixed fee for the entire project, on a case-by-base basis.

Fees – what to expect

Fees vary with market changes.  If I have a heavy load of projects, taking on another may bring a higher cost.  In leaner times, I can negotiate better rates.

Let’s get on a call.   We can talk high level about  issues you’re encountering, and how i can assist.

Call: +1-213-537-4465

If it sounds like I can help out, we’ll discuss scope & timing. From there I’ll put together a quote for you.  Suggestions and creative solutions always welcome.

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Shorter Projects – Day & Hourly Rates

Do you have some short duration requirements? Yes we do take on some very limited engagements.

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Still not sure?

We know it can be a weighty decision hiring a consultant If you’d like to learn more about me, visit my blog. I typically post 1-2 times per week there, discussing industry trends, consulting experiences, war stories, case studies and howtos.

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