About Heavyweight Internet Group

Heavyweight Internet Group was founded in 1996 by Senior Consultant, Sean Hull.

For 15 years we’ve been helping our clients overcome technological challenges. Our frequent referrals from satisfied clients speak volumes of our results-oriented approach. It’s also why we’ve stayed in business in spite of dotcom busts and financial crises.

Why clients recommend us

We put it down to a few simple facts:

  • Long experience managing projects in all aspects of database migration, cloud deployments web performance tuning, architecting, and scalability.
  • Our knowledge of various technologies, whether legacy, popular or emerging. In particular, we work a lot with Linux, Apache, MySQL & Oracle, PHP, Nginx,  Memcache, Drupal, and WordPress.
  • An understanding of the needs of startups and large organizations, and how they operate.
  • We’re flexible. Like the agile solutions we advocate, we can adjust to different working environments be they geographically dispersed, ad-hoc or remote.
  • Our strong communication skills. Technology is mind-blowing but we don’t think it has to be mind-boggling.

Still skeptical? Call us at +1-213-537-4465 for a chat and see how we can help you and your business.

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