Boutique Consulting

Ship early stage products

Early stage startups tend to be some of the most exciting ones to work for. With new ideas & products, hungry for product market fit, the energy is palpable. With that there are unique challenges building a technology stack from the ground up. What’s more it has to scale well, and meet the needs of a rapidly growing customer base.

Advising founders/GMs

Meeting compliance requirements, building an application in a fast changing cloud environment, managing people, corralling engineers, finding talent, managing security threats and choosing the right service offerings. There is an endless array of hurdles and challenges that a founder or startup CTO must manage. At two decades of industry experience working with ten to fifteen customers per year, I’ve seen a lot. I do my best to bring this breadth of experience to each engagement I work on.

Go-to-market Strategy

Which market segment is the best one for the launch of your new product? How do we find product market fit? How can we iterate quickly and explore new features using an A/B testing approach? These and other questions are ones I can help you wrestle with.

Project Management

Project management is one part team management, one part estimating cost & time to implement new features, and one part mad dash! That said with the right tooling, such as Jira, and patient, on-going communication between all the developers and management, it is possible to deliver products on-time and on-budget.

Product/UX Tradeoffs

When it comes to finding PMF or product market fit, iterating quickly to try different ideas is key. But equally important is the wherewithal to discard those features you love, but which aren’t on the essential plate. It’s not easy! You probably feel like you’re leaving your baby without a winter coat! But stripping things down to essentials is very much a part of finding product market fit when you’re at an early stage in the startup lifecycle!

Fractional CTO

As your fledgling startup grows, you’ll need a chief technology officer to help you navigate many of these questions. But you may not need one fulltime. That’s where a fractional CTO may help you. On a scale of one day per week, I can help you juggle many of these challenges as you grow your headcount, and customer base.