Essential links this week


Here’s some links & interesting stuff I’ve stumbled on this week. Enjoy!

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1. Start coding

Looking to start coding? Take a look at Open source for beginners. It’s a graphical list of projects on github, great for beginners!

Also: 30 questions to ask a serverless fanboy

2. DIY Serverless

Interested in serverless & wanna dig past the hype? Take a look at this Functions as a Service howto which shows how to build lambda type offering in Kubernetes or Docker Swarm. Cool yo!

Related: Learning from the Dyn DNS outage

3. Serverless Use Cases

Curious when & where Amazon Lambda might make sense? Any and all microservices? Here’s a newstack article on viable use cases for serverless computing.

Read: Does Amazon Redshift have a dirty little secret?

4. Origami design software

Random, weird, and kinda cool! Robert Lang has designed some Origami software called TreeMaker. It replaces the pencil & paper method of designing new origami figures. Use the software to push the limits of paper folding further!

Also: My DIY hack for blog discovery

5. A distributed relational database that works?

Bloomberg LP has designed a relational database called Comdb2. Unlike many of it’s NoSQL peers, this distributed database is relational, speaks SQL, and is also highly available. Amazing!

Also: Are SQL databases dead?

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