Upcoming for Scalable Startups

Just back from the Labor Day holiday, and ready to dive back in.

I thought this would be a great time to outline some of our upcoming topics so here goes…

1. Why Oracle usability sucks

– a rant about Oracle’s weak points

In the meantime take a peek at our piece on why we wrote the book on Oracle & Open Source. We ruminate on trends in the datacenter and take a stab at Oracle’s future.

2. Why relational databases don’t scale

– Is there any such thing as automatic scalability?
– What blocks scalability?
– Are NoSQL databases magic?

Also one of our articles that went viral – 5 things toxic to scalability

3. Eternal tension between dev & operations

– origin in different job roles & priorities
– balance found in each appreciating the others point of view
– hiring the best or building the right culture

You might enjoy a wildly popular piece we wrote a few months back How to hire a developer that doesn’t suck.

4. MySQL Query Tuning Cheatsheet

– SQL queries are hellish to tune, that we know.
– An outline of some of the common patterns that don’t work will help you identify and avoid them.

5. Differentiation in professional services

– A commodity does not stand out in the services business
– Differentiation is about personality, relationships & how you solve problems for the business

Also in the meantime take a look at our professional services 101 guide.

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