Oracle Announces Paid MySQL Add-ons

 Oracle starts charging for MySQL Add-ons

Exciting news, Oracle just announced commercial MySQL extensions that they’ll be offering paid extensions to the core MySQL free product.

To be sure, this has raised waves of concern among the community, but on the whole I suspect it will be a good thing for MySQL.  This brings more commercial addons to the table, which only increases the options for customers.  Many will continue to use the core database product only, and avoid license hassles while others will surely embark on a hybrid approach if it solves their everyday business problems.

Speaking of licensing, back in May, Amazon announced that it’s RDS or Relational Database Service would now offer Oracle as an option.  For those familiar with negotiating Oracle licensing, and the concomitant headache, this is certainly a welcome addition.  It also marks a dramatic break from the previous per-cpu or per-seat licensing models, and Oracle’s embrace of the cloud model of instant provisioning.  Interesting all around!

For those concerned about MySQL as a whole going commercial, there are three large companies continuing to support and distribute the core database including Percona, Monty Program AB (MariaDB) and Brian Aker’s fork Drizzle.  These distros have strong community support, and that strength will only grow.