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Five nines is the industry standard for uptime, or so the marketing goes. But is it a realistic one, and what are the costs of reaching it?

We use a broad brush to highlight the biggest no-nos in web application scalability.

Amazon’s new Lambda service, offers great promise in reducing operational & deployment headaches.  But beyond all the hype, what are the real challenges today?

Cloud Computing


Hiring & Interviews

Hiring is the ongoing challenge in the tech industry.  There is a very competitive landscape of startups seeking a limited supply of talent.

What’s more as tech stacks continue to fragment, even a jack of all trades may not match the job description!

Industry Pundit

Androids platform has not labored under an iron fist. Now it’s ecosystem is paying the price.

A decade ago startups large and small were running on Oracle, but no longer. As the shift intensifies, it becomes harder and harder to find the right talent. Here’s why.

We argue that technologists with broad experience are needed to achieve scalability for today’s high traffic high transaction websites.

Startups and consulting

You’ve heard all the hype. Now for some medicine.

Our three part guide takes you through ten steps to building a successful consulting business. This is as much a guide for freelancers or wanna be consultants, as it is for startups, and those wishing to hire good temporary resources.

Book Reviews

Learn about scalability from the guys at AKF.

Building a startup doesn’t have to mean big money. Stay efficient and build those margins.

Hidden Gems

Cut through the hype. Which types of applications really do lend themselves to deploying in the cloud?

Ask some tough questions before you deploy everything in the cloud.

Soup to nuts guide to deploying applications on Amazon Web Services EC2.