Data Management at Scale


Data & database Management 

Whether it’s migrating your data into the cloud, or database performance tuning, careful management is crucial.  Your data assets hold your business intelligence, how your product is used, and how you can better meet customer needs.

MySQL & Mariadb Experts

Whether you’re setting up a read-replica, or troubleshooting  master-master replication, our deep expertise will bring problems to a quick resolution.

Amazon RDS

Amazon’s relational database offering, provides a managed solution, simplifying your day-to-day tasks.  And while you won’t be able to do zero-downtime deployments, your ongoing headaches may be much less.

Google BigQuery

As google positions itself head to head against Amazon, they’re developing lots of powerful technology in the process.  BigQuery can provide you with a great analytics database, and the pricing is right too.  Don’t pay for data just sitting there, but was you query it.

Amazon Redshift

As Amazon drives harder into the big data warehousing space, they’ve introduced a full complement of offerings.  Quicksight presentation layer, to Glue for ETL.  And all of these powerful technologies sit on top of the distributed column compressed data store known as Redshift.

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  • Data Performance tuning & optimization
  • Data sanitizing & validation
  • Big data management
  • Data Pipeline engineering
  • ETL & tools for transformation
  • Redshift for Analytics
  • Data security & Auditing