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Cloud deployments and migrations are moving at a rapid pace. There are huge advantages to businesses that deploy in the cloud; from flexibility to a new level of automation. But there are also plenty of challenges.

Push to the cloud – advantages

  • Flexibility – invest nothing up front – bring computing resources on and offline at will
  • Automation – from scriptable infrastructure components to autoscaling
  • Disaster Recovery – a suddenly cost free script-only solution
  • Seasonal Traffic Applications – the cloud is uniquely suited for many websites
  • Easier rollout of patches & upgrades, easier deployments, no hardware or networking headaches
  • Easier compromise response – take instance offline & spinup a new one
  • Easy setup of dev, qa & test environments

Challenges deploying in the cloud

  • Lower SLAs & less reliable servers – use automation to mitigate
  • A lack of perimeter security – security groups offer a new model
  • Questions about where data is located & compliance
  • Variable Disk I/O – EBS performance can be a challenge for MySQL databases
  • New Procurement process – Are cloud resources considered capex or opex?
  • Big cultural shift – pushes best practices and automation into web operations

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