Thinking about migrations can be a weighty process.  It must be approached with respect and realistic expectations.  Opening up the attic and digging through an old trunk is sure to turn up a skeleton or two.

Multi Cloud

One term that’s on everyone’s lips these days is multi-cloud.  Sure you don’t want to put all your data eggs in one basket, but how do you actually implement on more than one provider?  Do you segment applications so finance is on BigQuery and the web application sits on Amazon?

Data Migration

With data migrations come the challenge of a potentially new database platform.  Handling nulls, new datatypes, limitations, defaults & assumptions all come into play.  Plus the labyrinth of data cleanup & validation, which is an ongoing challenge.


Application Migration

Moving whole applications into the cloud can be messy.  With new operating systems & servers, it may be complicated to get previous dependencies working properly.  Enter docker, as a great way to containerize & isolate those dependencies.  You can then deploy those containers more easily, reducing risk and improving reliability.

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