We’ve helped Startups as well as established brands scale their web presence. Here’s a sample of some of our clients and testimonials.




[testimonial by=”NY Botanical Gardens” career=”Director of IT”]Extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with…[/testimonial][testimonial by=”DownloadCard Inc.” career=”CEO”]Our technology relies heavily on the web for delivery of content to all of our users. At the core of our infrastructure is Oracle Database technology. Bringing Heavyweight Internet Group on board has brought us peace of mind. They keep our systems humming, freeing us to concentrate on running our business.[/testimonial][testimonial by=”Louis Frolio, MEDfx” career=”Data Architect”]Your words “CGE is not what you think” stuck with me and from that I researched the MySQL product stack to learn more…[/testimonial]

[testimonial by=”firmView, Inc.” career=”Chief Technologist”]Heavyweight Internet Group has been an important asset in the deployment and expansion of our web services platform. They have handled the Oracle setups in Linux with confidence; even optimizing the database usage beyond that done by our developers. Additionally, they have attended meetings at our clients to assist in the technical details concerning security and website topologies. Their presence in the meeting with such a grasp of knowledge was extremely helpful. We strongly recommend Heavyweight Internet Group’s services.[/testimonial]
[testimonial by=”American DBA Online” career=”Committee”]American DBAOnline is a not-for-profit organization with over 700 registered members. Sean’s presentation on ‘ORACLE on Linux-Low Cost RAC with Firewire’ instructed us with amazing details on how to set up a real database cluster with oracle 9i RAC on Linux for just a few hundred dollars. His presentation could serve as our manual if we want to use it in our workplace and will surely give our members more market capability in the ever changing IT industry.[/testimonial]