Case Studies

Success Story – Location Based Nightlife Business; Summer 2009

In 2009 we helped a location based nightlife & mobile company identify why their application was running sluggishly.

The slow performance affected revenues and of course hindered the user experience, discouraging and limiting growth and popularity.

We were able to identify problem areas, and work with the development team to optimize the entire technology stack, allowing them to sail smoothly forward.  Their application was released on the blackberry carousel store to great success and fanfare!

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Success Story–Large Media & Entertainment Conglomerate; Fall 2009

In 2009 we helped a business which aggregated twitter feeds of celebrities.

Slow performance affected popularity with users, and having been newly acquired by a huge parent company, traffic suddenly tripled.

Through initial investigation of the systems, and drilldown to problem areas in the infrastructure, we were able to identify serious issues in configuration and iron them out.  After various iterations of identify, assess and fix, we were able to increase performance 100 fold, with no additional hardware.

Their application continues to sail smoothly to this day, with few interruptions related  to application and server setup.

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