Review – Who Moved My Cheese


Spencer Johnson is a great writer.  His business book classic was a real page turner.  He takes a page from the REWORK book and that’s a good thing.

Who Moved My Cheese is a story about mice living in a maze happy and content that they have an unlimited supply of cheese.  Then one day the cheese runs out.  Some approach this new reality by sniffing, and scurrying.  Before long they find new cheese, and more opportunities than they had before.  Some other mice hem and haw, and resist the new reality, pointing fingers, getting angry, but not facing the situation.

Of course these are situations we all face everyday.  Outsourcing changes the job landscape, technologies such as the internet disrupt established industries like newspapers, music, and media.  What’s more the recent upheaval in the financial industry had at least some basis in the computerization of trading, and the acceleration of global markets.

The landscape is always changing.  Johnson’s book speaks great lessons that we can all understand, and benefit from everyday in business.

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