Open Insights 05 – Building on Success

Building on Experience


Thinking about this month’s newsletter, I considered titling it

“Building on Success”. But despite the marketing and media

hype, good companies, build on experiences both good and bad,

learn from them, and repeat the successful formulas, and are

careful to avoid repeating the mistakes. In short, finding the

right consultants to hire for a project isn’t about finding

those with the proverbial midas touch, but rather in finding

those who understand your organization, have the patience to

work closely with you, and the perseverence to follow

through to success.

Aligning the right people & resources


Facilitating communication can often be the greatest challenge in

any consulting engagement. Organizations, even smaller ones,

often have their own unofficial hierarchy of how things get done.

Consultants are brought in, not just when the right expertise

can’t be found in-house, but also when the expertise already there

isn’t solving the right problems. So inevitably these cases require

cutting accross the usual channels, to put the right people

together with the right resources.

This can come in the form of training, facilitating, and

coordinating these new relationships that foster the organization

to solve it’s own problems.

Turning ambitious strategies into successful ones


So what’s next? Ambitious and lofty strategies can often remain

out of reach until the right workflow is established. If that’s

not happening right away with your technology rollout, don’t

let the problem languish. Identify it, and resolve to

straighten it out.

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