Open Insights 01 – Newsletter Introduction

Heavyweight Internet Newsletter for Friday, November 05, 2004

Issue: 1

Welcome to the Heavyweight Internet newsletter.

This is our first installment in what we hope will become a popular and

indespensible resource for technology professionals and management alike.

Q. What types of information can I expect to see?

A. We will be filling the newsletter with content not necessarily found on

the website. This will not just be plugs for products and services, but

useful articles on such topics as: outsourcing vs doing a project

in-house, consulting best practices, finding quality technology people,

measuring return on investment for technology projects, and reducing

infrastructure costs with Open Source technologies.

Q. Will this only be a technical newsletter?

A. No. There will be links to technical howto articles on the website,

but the newsletter will tend to be more for a more general audience.

Q. Do I need to subscribe?

A. Only if you want the newsletter in email. You can also view the

newsletter on our site

Q. Will there be marketing and sales pitches?

A. We will of course be mentioning services offered by Heavyweight

Internet Group, and linking to such content on the site, but the majority

of the newsletter will be useful tips for consultants and managers alike.

Q. Will the newsletter be specific to databases or Open Source


A. These are certainly our main focus, and areas of expertise. However we

will also talk about other new technologies we come accross which we think

will be relevant to the enterprise in coming years. For instance Voice

over IP technology has been a recent topic.

We hope this has been a helpful introduction. Help us spread the word,

and recommend us to friends and business associates!

-Heavyweight Internet Group

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